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Money Saving Item of the Week: Electricity Monitors

Posted on Tue, Mar 12, 2013

Ever curious about how much your electricity your oven uses when you are roasting a chicken? How about a full day of watching TV? Home electricity monitors will give you the information you need to understand what the operating costs are with various appliances and devices in your home or office.

Single Product:

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A single product electricity monitor allows you to plug your device directly into the monitor, which plugs into the wall. Each monitor will give you the wattage you are using and will give you an understanding how much energy a device is really using. Some, like the Belkin Conserve Insight Energy Monitor, allows you see the impact of your energy use on your bill and on the environment, the cost of operation, watts, and the amount of carbon dioxide associated with the electricity consumed. Buying a single product monitor is a great way to ease your way into conserving energy, it will inspire you to be more careful about your energy use.

In our store we single product electricity monitors that cost between $20.00-$224.00.

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Entire House:

If you are ready to see how much energy your house is really using in real time, then you are looking for an entire house energy monitor. These systems are significantly more sophisticated.

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The Current Cost EnviR monitor will show you much energy your whole is using in "real time." It can't save you money on its own, but it can help you change your habits. Monitoring how much electricity your house consumes will likely surprise you. You'll soon get use to your "baseline" usage, and if it seems suddenly higher than you'll know something has been left on.


More advanced whole home monitors, like an eMonitor, show you exactly how much electricity your whole or an individual circuit is using in real time and requires access to PowerHouse Dynamics portal (a software system d. This monitor is pretty powerful though: it can monitor up to 12 individual circuits, diagnose potential problems, offer saving recommendations, and send out real time alerts and communications relating to light or appliances that have been left on or when specific circuits are overlaoded.

In our store we have entire house energy monitors that cost between $104.95-$899.00

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