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20 Items to Stylishly Repurpose

Posted on Fri, Mar 01, 2013

Here at 360Chestnut we love the idea of upcycling or repurposing old things to create new pieces. Some old products are better than others to use.  You can either go to a salvage yard or if your town recycling facility has a take it or leave it section you can find some great stuff.

If you live in a city, you’ve probably seen plenty of old couches or bookcases on the street waiting for pick up, but have you ever wondered what could I do with that? Here are the top 20 things to repurpose:

  1. Doors
    upcycled door, door as bookcase
    Find an old door with a number on it? Find matching doors? Add them to your place, they'll add a vintage touch to your home. Need more shelves? This can help.

  2. Windows:
    upcycled window, window as shelving, window shelf
    You can do a lot with old windows. A personal favorite is adding legs to an old window and making into a coffee table. Alternatively, make a shelf/chalk/picture board of it.

  3. Old T-Shirts:
    t shirt quilt
    Still have that t-shirt from that cancer walk you did high school and haven't worn it since? Make a quilt of old t-shirts or use them as rags.

  4. Magazines:
    magazine belted stool
    Hate throwing your magazines away? Rather than having them collect dust, make a cool belted stool like the one above (it is also a great way to add seating to a small apartment)!

  5. Old Sweaters:
    reusing old sweaters, sweater cozys
    Cut the sleevs up and use them as coffee cup warmers.

  6. Old trunks:
    old trunks, upcycled trunk, trunk bar
    Add some wheels to it and make it a rolling a bar.

  7. Grater:
    Upcycled Cheese Grater
    Make an old grater into an earring holder. Use your favorite spray paint color to add a personal touch.

  8. Pallet Boards:
    pallet board table, reusing pallet boards
    Pallet baords are becoming a major trend in the upicycle universe. You can really do so much with them. (add link: http://pinterest.com/dinapoli/pallet-upcycle/)

  9. Broken Chairs:
    chair shelf
    A broken chair can easily be made into a shelf or towel holder.

  10. Ladders:
    Ladder Clothes Rack 300x285
    Make it into a book shelf or a clothes ladder.

  11. Old iron fence/gate:
    upcycled fence, reusing fences,
    Clean it up, spray paint it and make it into a pot holder for above your stove.

  12. Old Frames:
    upcycled frames, frames as chalk boards
    Get some chalk board paint (which you can get in tons of colors and with no VOC) and you've got yourself a snazzy message board.

  13. Shutters:
    upcycled shutters, reused shutter, shutter bulletin board,
    Shutters can be repurposed as a bulletin board.

  14. Card Catalogue:
    card catalogue, card catalogue bar,
    If you're lucky enough to stumble upon one of these games, make it into a bar!

  15. Old Books:
    books as shelves,
    As shelves, preferably they should be hardcover.

  16. Mini fridge:
    mini fridge as storage, repurposed mini fridge
    Have a mini fridge taht you don't use anymore and the electricity it consumes is a bit too much for your budget? Make it into a stand alone storage unit.

  17. Old utensils:
    old utensils turned into wall hooks
    Turning old utensils into wall hooks may be the one of the coolest ideas of there.

  18. Unused mattress spring:
    repurposed mattress spring
    Turning an unused mattress spring into a systlish idea board is an ingenious way to give it a new purpose. The graphic nature of the spring construction and abundance of wirse makes it ideal of affixing note coards, photos, memorabilia and even tools.

  19. Old dressers:
    repurposed dresser, dresser as kitchen island
    If you have space in your kitchen, put wheels on it and make a portable island. Allows for storage and plenty of extra prep space.

  20. Suitcase:
    repurposed suitcase, suitcase as cat bed, reusing old suitcases
    Old suitcases can be made into a medicine cabinet or cat bed.

Which one is your favorite?