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Ever Wonder Which Celebrities are Eco-Conscious?


Written By Caroline Egan
Ever thought which celebrities are really trying to be eco-friendly? We know which ones drive a Prius but which ones have outfitted their homes to be sustainable and why? Here are 360Chestnut's top 10 celebrity green homes.

  1. Julia Roberts
    describe the image


    Size of home: 6,000 sq, located in Malibu, CA.
    Reason for going green:
    Roberts told Life & Style magazine “motherhood is the big reason I started thinking more critically about the environment and global warming.”
    What makes it green?
    Roberts spent a reported $20 million into creating her green sanctuary. This includes three roof’s of solar panels, floors to ceiling recycled tiling, sustainable building materials like wood harvested from sustainable forests and over a million dollars of  energy-saving home appliances.

  2. Johnny Depp
    johnny depps island retreat

    Source: All Property Management

    Size of home: 35 acre private island in the Bahamas.
    Reason for going green:
     Johnny Depp made exceptional advances to keep his island as lush, eco-friendly, and sustainable as possible to keep the world out and to keep his own carbon footprint to a minimum.
    What makes it green?
    Depp enlisted the help of trail blazing environmental leader and project developer Mike Strizki to turn his private parade into a self-sustaining habitat running on solar-hydrogen. The systems works by converting sunlight to electricity, which is used to meet the energy needs of the home. The cost to convert his hideaway to solar power: $500,000

  3. Lisa Ling
    describe the image

    Source: Mother Nature Network

    Size of home: 4,300 sq ft in Santa Monica, CA
    Reason for going green?
    Famed journalist, Lisa Ling, and her husband, Dr. Paul Song wanted energy independence and to make a conscious effort to have a more sustainable home.
    What makes it green?
    The home is LEED platinum certified (the highest rating, learn more here) was designed by Macro DiMaccio and has been dubbed PUNChouse 234 it is believed to be the first carbon neutral residence in the city. The home is outfitted with over 60 solar panels, no grass (just succulents), has passive cooling (no AC), high levels of Insulation, LED lighting, zero VOC paints, and finished with an EV (electric vehicle) charging station, and a heat island effect-reducing white roof. A 5,000 gallon underground rainwater tank sits in front of the home and harvests the rainwater from the roof. The project also achieved a goal of 100 percent waste diversion in the process, meaning that absolutely nothing went to the landfill. All building materials not reused in the new home were reportedly donated to Habitat for Humanity.
    Learn more about PUNChouse234.

  4. Gisele Bundchen & Tom Brady

    1359235047 tom brady giselle home 1
    Source: Splas News; Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

    Size of home:
    22,000 sq ft, Brentwood neighborhood of Los Angeles, CA
    Reason for going green
    : Like Roberts & Silverstone, Bundchen is an eco-mommy and wanted to create a mecca for environmentally conscious friends and family to vacation regularly.
    What makes it green?
    A 22,000 sq ft eco friendly home, how is that possible you ask? Well, Bundchen and Gisle have outfitted the $20 million dollar home with as many eco-friendly bells and whistles as possible, including solar panels as the main source of energy for the home, rain water recycling system and energy efficient lighting and appliances. Additionally, Bundchen plans to be have a garden featuring herbs, vegetables and fruits that will reduce her family’s carbon footprint relating to food transport.

  5. Adrian Grenier

    adrian greniers exclusive home

    Source: Posh 24

    Size of home: 3,286 sq ft, Clinton Hill, Brooklyn, NY
    Reason for going green:
    Playing up his native New York’s seemingly natural progression to be greener Entourage actor Adrian Grenier told, “one reason I love New York is that it’s so primed for green growth. I’ve been lucky enough to have a lot of green around me growing up. I always envision the city having more around: utilizing rooftops, ripping up sidewalks and planting trees.”
    What makes it green?
    Grenier is a green all-start (he’s got the multi-media site SHFT to prove it!) and has been renovating a Victorian house in Brooklyn since 2005 to fit his green lifestyle. Grenier installed solar panels and walls insulated with recycled denim. With the assitance of a local landscaping company, he turned the adjacent carriage house into a rooftop garden.

  6. James Cameron

    1319280040 select image 14 image 0 N

    Source: Radar Online

    Size of home: 100 acre ranch, Santa Barbara, CA
    Reason for going green:
     A passionate environmentalist, James Camero told “Nightline” that he was excited to show people how he has lived off the grid for years and that “this is the first time in human history that if we can’t solve things as a global community, we aren’t going to make it.” His ranch is an attempt to help.
    What makes it green?
     There are not many details about the eco-friendly building of his home, but James Cameron (of Titanic and Avatar fame) claims that his home generates so much solar power that he “sells it back to the grid.” Cameron recently added a wind turbine to the property and only drives a Chevy Volt around the property. Learn more about his sustainable ranch here.

  7. Alicia Silverstone


    Source: Comfy Heaven

    Size of home: 2,402 sq ft, Los Angeles, CA
    Reason for going green:
    Alicia Silverstone has dedicated her post-Clueless years to an earth friendly agenda: she is a vegan, environmental and animal activist. There was no way she was not going to outfit her home to be sustainable and green with those passions.
    What makes it green?
     Silverstone and her husband, Christopher Jarecki, have purchased everything in their home to be environmentally sound. This includes energy –saving appliances, solar –paneled roofing and recycling materials from ceiling to floor.  The couple installed a well-engineering heating and cooling system, and the home draws half as much power from the grid as it used to.

  8. Daryl Hannah

    images 1


    Size of home: unknown, Telluride, Colorado
    Reason for going green:
      Daryl Hannah has been a longtime  and outspoken environmental activist, it is no surprise to us that she has a created a green mountain oasis.
    What makes it green?
    Hannah’s retrofitted green home is a converted stage coach that operates entirely off the grid (meaning she does not use any energy from traditional sources). Hannah restored the home with both passive and active solar power systems and uses spring water from a spring next to the home.  The home boasts an extensive organic garden that utilizes an impressive gray water recycling system. Due to the threat of bone chilling snow storms, she also has installed a back up biodisel generator  a “just in case” back up system to generate electricity in case of a natural disaster emergency.

  9. Julia Louis Dreyfus

    Source: Jumping Frog

    Size of home & location unknown: Montecito, CA
    Reason for going green:
    A self proclaimed environmentaist and “bleeding heart liberal,” Julia Louis Dreyfus (of Seinfeld fame) and her partner Brad Hall decided when they purchased their second home that it would need to leave as small of a carbon foot footprint as possible.
    What makes it green?
    Dreyfus and Hall’s beachfront bungalow dates back to the 1930s and was not very energy efficient. The home now boasts energy-efficient appliances, rooftop photovoltaics and has ample natural lighting during the daytime hours that reduces the need for using artificial lighting. Dreyfus outfitted the home with hardwood floors created from sustainable hardwood and opted for as many salvaged renovation materials as she could. Syndecrete, a lightweight concrete material Hertz makes out of recycled ash and carpet fiber, was used in parts of the kitchen, bathrooms and outdoor terraces. The coolest part of her home is the retractable sunroof called a “thermal chimney” that draws hot air up and out of the home, helping to keep Dreyfus and family cooler.

  10. Ed Begley, Jr.

    begley solar

    Source: Dwell on Design

    Size of home & location: unknown, Studio City, CA
    Reason for going green:
    Actor and known environmental activist, Ed Begley Jr,  has documented his net-zero energy home on a web series and says of the project: "We've shown how most people can make their house efficient in an existing structure, and now I want to show how it can be done from the beginning."
    Why is it green?
     Begley built this home from ground up, and he sought out to build a home that “has no environmental impact, requires no outside energy sources from public utilities and be completely green.” His goal was to achieve a “net-zero” LEED platinum dwelling, with all but 4% of his former house being recycled.

    Which celebrity eco home is your favorite?



Might I mention 360Chestnut's blog on "Palace Syndrome?" These houses are only efficient up to a point.
Posted @ Thursday, February 21, 2013 9:12 AM by Katherine L
Sorry but a 22k sf house with a big green lawn and swimming pool in los angeles is a complete non-starter for sustainability. No amount of feel good gadgets can offset that. There is more to sustainability than just energy consumption. I'm a Tom Brady fan but that house is a standard bearer for wastefulness for a family of 4. And there are other ridculous entries on this list. 360Chestnut should know better than to hold these up as some paragon of virtue. As a green professional I could not sleep at night if I advised client's through projects like this with reassurance that they were being "sustainable". What a joke
Posted @ Tuesday, February 26, 2013 9:33 AM by Pierce
I am on the board of a small school district's foundation. Is there any help with funding for putting in ground source heat pumps in schools? The government has cut so much funding to education that our foundation is trying to help with the operating expenses of our district. We feel this would be a great benefit to lowering the utilities and going more green. Thanks for your help. Laura.
Posted @ Tuesday, March 19, 2013 11:16 AM by LAURA HACHMEISTER
I didn't really know that Johnny depp is also a Eco-conscious.
Posted @ Friday, August 09, 2013 1:00 PM by 2013 bollywood movies
It's always inspiring to hear about these celebs being Eco conscious. Most of us take them as a role model and such act from them make us to think about our step and make us to start working positively. These celebs even use pools in a very Eco friendly manner they try not to use any sort of chemical for any application in the pool and also try to make it a point not to let it get dirty, they use services from <a href ="">Pool Service Woodland Hills to keep the pools in a proper shape.
Posted @ Thursday, May 22, 2014 7:03 AM by Alex eller
Good to hear being these celebs so much Eco friendly, or else I thought there are celebs who only endorse for alcohol and other bad habits. Great to hear this news, they are the set of very influential people and there steps matter a lot. It would be a great cause to the nature if people get inspired and start working to revive the glob from global worming.
Posted @ Thursday, May 22, 2014 7:06 AM by Armostra
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