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Why Buy a Smart Power Strip?

Posted on Tue, Feb 19, 2013

Why should you switch your standard power strip to a smart strip? In the quest to be as energy efficient as possible, there are plenty of appliances and home upgrades  you can add to your home. But what about the power that is wasted simply by having your router plugged in 24/7? Standby power consumption can comprise between five and 10 percent of your household electric consumption. This may come to as a surprise for many, but we have a solution: The Smart Strip.

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Smart strips are power strips that will cut off power to devices when they are either shut off or in standby mode. By using a smart strip you can save between $100 and $150 a year. While smart strips vary, the basic kind has three main parts: the control outlet, auto-off outlets, and constant outlets. The control outlet is where you would plus in a devise like your TV and the auto-off outlets are where you’d plug in devices like a Blu-ray player, Wii, and set-top box that only needs to be consuming they are in sue. The constant outlet are where you would plug in devices you want to stay on all the time, like a router or modem.

The Smart Strip monitors power consumption and can sense the difference between when computers and other devices are on or off. Upon figuring this out, it shuts off the power, eliminating the idle current drawn from them. There are a couple different models and options (including fax/modem and something called "extended sensing") and they run from $35-90, depending on its capabilities.

Smart Strip claims it will pay for itself in as little as six weeks, and we have the standard issues one in our shop!