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Fossil Fuels Are Going Fast – Here’s a Home Heating Solution

Posted on Wed, Jun 27, 2012

describe the imageBy the year 2060, oil and gas will basically cease to exist, if we're to believe what energy experts are discovering. Once gone, they will basically never return. So it's time to find other options for the energy we have being using for years. Indeed, geothermal energy is one viable option. 

The source of geothermal energy is heat which is emitted from deep inside the earth. According to the “Clean Energy Ideas” site, this heat is produced by piercing holes deep inside the crust of the earth. Frigid water is pushed through one side. Once this energy has found its way to the earth’s surface, it is hot enough for the water to build up the vapors that power the turbines that enable you to utilize the energy as a way to heat your building.


I. Expenses

Geothermal HomeCan geothermal heating methods lower your home utility bills? According to the Solar Guide, a typical geothermal pump can cost approximately $2,500 per ton of capacity, which is significantly lower compared to $4,000 when using other energy sources; especially if you look at the expense of an air conditioner during the warmer months. While $2,500 per ton of capacity might seem pretty expensive, when you figure it into your mortgage payment, you might end up paying somewhere around $30 per month more.

Moreover, in just a few years, you will start to see the advantage of geothermal energy in the form of lower home heating costs. In addition, certain utility companies have packages that will make your transition to geothermal a little less costly.

Another important consideration is that this alternative energy does not use any fossil fuels, and as a result, there's no need to worry about the increasing costs of said fuels. Also, be aware that because the government has deemed geothermal a clean energy resource, it will likely reward you by not requiring you to pay tax on it, and/or allowing you to waive your environmental bill. In addition, since geothermal energy needs a smaller amount of land than other forms of energy, including oil, coal or gas -- the costs of buying the land would be less.    Click me

II. Maintenance

Geothermal energy creates very few maintenance concerns. When you properly set it up, the underground apparatus is worry-free, and the parts in your house are uncomplicated and accessible for the owner to be able to regulate the mechanism as necessary. Access to the apparatus makes it easier for you to standardize the device for seasonal changes and carry out the maintenance required at a suitable time.

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III. Sustainability

Since the machines use very few mechanical components and because such parts are protected from the environment, leaves, debris, and unfortunate forms of human criminal activity, such as vandalism -- geothermal pumps have a life span of around 20 years or longer. Geothermal pump suppliers issue 25-50 year warranties on them, saving you money on repairs if something does need to be fixed.

IV. A Silent Machine

Based on information from the Solar Guide, a typical two-speed geothermal apparatus is so quiet inside a home, such that those living there or visiting the home or building would not even know it's running. There are no bothersome blasts of cold air in the summer, or hot air in the winter.

A further reason the system is so quiet is the absence of exterior condensing units. There’s no need to worry about noise disturbing you, your fellow residents, guests or neighbors.

Find out more! Speak with your local energy provider about the advantages of installing a geothermal system. Discuss their possible discount packages, and you can start taking advantage of the benefits of your choice to switch to geothermal.  Click me


This article was written by Kyle Brent, president of OutdoorFurnaceSupply.com. Check out  their website and the Outdoor Furnace blog.


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