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Spring Time = Spring Cleaning = Spring Savings!

Posted on Wed, Apr 18, 2012

Spring Cleaning Simpsons
Now that the warmer temps are almost upon us, here are some key Spring cleaning tips to keep your home and wallet in great shape:

  1. Replace incandescent lightbulbs with energy efficient CFLs or LEDs. They use a lot less energy and last 8-12 hours longer.  That saves you money.  TIP: When you schedule your free home energy audit, they will replace most of your incandescent bulbs with CFL’s for free. 
  2. Install motion sensors on infrequently used lights.  You’ll never forget to turn off the lights again (excellent option for the driveway or back porch).
  3. Replace your regular shower head with a low-flow version and use 50-70% less water while lathering.  Challenge yourself to take a shorter shower too.
  4. Are you in the market for a new air conditioner?  Make sure it’s an energy star rated and you’ll save 20% in your electric bill.  Don’t forget to redeem the energy star rebates!  Also, don’t forget to keep the window unit shaded, if possible, for best results.
  5. Schedule your yearly heating and air conditioning system maintenance appointments.   A little prevention can save a lot of money and aggravation down the road.
  6. Replace all of your air conditioning and furnace filters.  If you can, replace with the washable filters so you don’t have to keep replacing.  Think: REUSE.  Again, a little routine maintenance will keep your home healthier and in top working condition.
  7. Make sure to clean your dryer filters on a regular basis.
  8. Don’t forget to open any vents that you may have closed in the Winter.
  9. Schedule a FREE home energy audit so you can be prepared for next Fall & Winter.  If you have any resulting weatherization projects, now is the time to start planning, both from a financial and timing perspective!  We can help you schedule your appointment here: Click me  
  10. Reprogram your thermostat.  Now that warmer weather is making its way to a lot of the US, it’s a good time readjust your programmed settings. If you have central a/c, keeping your thermostat at 78 degrees in the warmer months will help save on your cooling costs.  For each degree above 78, you can save approximately 6-7 percent off your cooling costs.  If you don’t have a programmable thermostat, now is a great time to replace your old mercury-filled model (don’t forget to recycle that properly) with an easy to use programmable thermostat
  11. Invest in some energy efficient power strips and help stop the “Vampire Energy” - electricity leaks resulting when an appliance is in stand by mode.  Stand by is not off, so turn off the power strips when you’re not using the appliances or charging your ipods/laptops/cell phones, etc....  (Check out the 360 shop)

Energy efficiency doesn’t have to be complicated or overwhelming.  Try a few of the above suggestions and keep us posted on your results.  

Lauren Small