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Energy Efficient Superbowl Sunday

Posted on Fri, Feb 03, 2012

energy efficient big gameAre you ready for some football?  Heck yeah!  As Super Bowl XLVI quickly approaches, we can all focus on some creative energy efficiency tips to occupy our thoughts until kick off!!

For starters, whether you’re hosting family, friends and neighbors to a super bowl fiesta, or enjoying the game with a more intimate gathering, now may be a great time to indulge your desire for a new TV.  Whether you’re looking for an LCD, Plasma, Flat-Screen or Digital TV, (the options energy efficient tvare staggering and overwhelming) they’re all available with Energy etar ratings.  Post-holiday sales are still abounding, and buying an Energy star qualified TV is a great way to save some electricity, and in the long run, money!  Did you know that as they continue to increase in size, TVs can use the same amount of electricity as a refrigerator, (approximately 500 kWh annually)!

An Energy Star qualified tv on average saves 40% of electricity and in some cases can save up to 60% off non-Energy Star rated TVs.  That’s just another example of how energy efficiency can equate to cost savings, and who doesn’t want to save money?  And let’s not forget the tax credits and rebates available for Energy Star qualified appliances.  Your local electric utility company, as well as the TV manufacturer, are most likely to offer rebates for buying Energy Star products.  To find out more on available rebates, tax credits and recycling special offers, check out the following links:  www.360chestnut.com, www.masssave.com, and  www.energystar.gov.  

Ok, now that you have your new high-tech and energy efficient TV, you’re ready to watch the game, right?  Well, almost.  If you’re expecting a
programmable thermostatbig crowd, don’t forget to set your programmable thermostat down a couple of degrees.  (If you need to get a programmable thermostat, check out the 360chestnut store at www.360chestnut.com).  You can set Sunday’s temperature way ahead of time so you don’t have to give it a second thought on game day.  Just set it and forget it!! Well that’s crazy, you're probably thinking.  Why not turn up the thermostat so your guests are warm?  If you have a house full of crazed football fanatics (or even couch potatoes there for the football fare and camaraderie) you’ll have plenty of natural body heat to warm up the space quite nicely.  Plus, as people are layered in their favorite sports teams’ shirts, and probably indulging in some adult beverages, you don’t want people overheating:)  Turning the thermostat down a couple of degrees will help keep your guests comfortable AND your heating bill down.

What else can you do ahead of time so you’re not scrambling on game day with everyone else?  GET ORGANIZED. energy efficient snacks If you’re hosting a party or going to someone else’s party, make a list of everything you need at the market and do all of your shopping in one trip. If Saturday is your usual food shopping day, don’t forget to add all of your big game shopping to the list.  This saves time and money.

Now, are you ready to watch the drama unfold, energy-efficiency wist?  Well, you’re almost there.  As kick off approaches, do a quick once-around the house and make sure all the lights are turned off in rooms that won’t be used.

energy efficient fanFinally, you’re game ready.  Enjoy the game and cheering your favorite team to victory.  And when the festivities are over and a new champion is crowned, there will undoubtedly be some clean up to contend with.  So after recycling empty soda cans and beer bottles, packing up leftovers, taking Fido for a walk, it’s time to load up your dishwasher.  As always, it’s best to load the dishwasher to capacity before starting it.  Like washing clothes, it saves energy and water to run full loads.

So whether you’re rooting for the NY Giants or the New England Patriots, enjoy the game and feel good in the knowledge that you’ve helped save some energy.

GO PATS!!!!  (Hey, we're based in Boston, we can't help it.)

Lauren Small