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What the IPCC’s AR5 Mean for Home Energy Efficiency

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The Fifth Assessment Report (AR5) produced by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has recently received a great deal of attention in the scientific community.  Since the previous IPCC report was released in 2007 (AR4), the amount of available scientific literature on climate change has doubled giving scientists an extremely clear picture of the dire climatic impacts that the future has in store for the Earth.  There are already a number of sources outlining AR5’s sobering predictions; alternatively this article describes the future climatic projection scenarios adopted by the IPCC for AR5, and looks into why it is still critical as ever to mitigate CO2 emissions in the residential sector by promoting and adopting the latest, most energy efficient technologies despite evidence which may evoke the thought that it is already too late.

The 80/20 Rule


According to recent consumer surveys, people love green energy.  In fact, 80% of those surveyed rate it favorably.  On the flip side, home services companies often rank at the bottom of these surveys (that is after you remove Congress from the list) getting favorability ratings below 30%.

Reflections on Smart Homes & Emerging Home Technology

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It was quite a night and quite a panel.  The room was packed, the speakers were great and beer was cold.  What more could you want?  For those interested, the video will soon be posted online at 360cTV. 

Not All Fuel Efficiency is Equal: Understand Before You Buy

mpg illusion

Understanding Fuel Efficiency:


5 Ways To Enchance Your Home's Curb Appeal This Spring

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In this week's installment of #LetsTalkShop with Stephanie Vanderbilt of Coastal Windows & Exteriors, SPRING is here so it’s time to Enhance that Curb Appeal! Here are 5 ways you can bring that Coastal Style to your home

iBeacon: They Know What You're Buying

ibeacon knows what youre doing

In recent weeks, in preparation for our Does your house know too much about you event, we have been posting quite a few articles about our data privacy and how companies are using your data in different ways to target marketing directly to you. The amount of data that companies gather is really becoming frightening and the iBeacon function that was quietly released with iOS7 is just another way that companies can use the data gathered from your browsing and shopping habits to target you with personalised advertisements.

The Next Generation of Smart Homes: From Net-Zero to Energy-Positive

honda net zero homes

As we continue to make new advances in home automation technology, the energy efficiency standard for smart homes is fast approaching a critical threshold: net-zero living.  If asked to name some of the leading companies in the field of residential energy efficiency, most of us wouldn't think to include Honda on the list.  However, the Japanese auto manufacturers have now proven to the world that they have become a leader in smart home research and development by going beyond the milestone of net-zero energy and reaching the point where their homes can produce more energy from renewable sources than they consume. 

Clean Carpets with Homemade Environmentally Friendly Solutions

environmentally friendly carpet

Are you looking to keep your home clean and fresh or are you getting ready to move out of your apartment and you need some great end of lease cleaning tips?  Do you want to do all this at an affordable rate and in a manner that is environmentally friendly?  The following tips will help you keep your carpets clean with homemade environmentally friendly solutions.

#LetsTalkShop with Coastal Windows: Failed Window Sealing

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Why are my windows always foggy or have condensation inside them? This week’s educational lesson is on Window Seal Failures. You may not know the term, but if you’re seeing fog or condensation between your window’s glass panes it’s typically a sign of window seal failure. What you need to know is that fogged glass is not only ugly and annoying as you can’t see clearly out the window, but it means that your window is not working properly anymore and costing you money. In fact you’re literally throwing money out the window.

Why We Should Read Home Automation Privacy Policies

home automation privacy policies

Home automation products are the newest, coolest things you can purchase for your home. You can control almost anything in your home from your smart phone. Turn off lights, turn up the heat, check security cameras, and close blinds.  You name it and someone more than likely has figured out how to automate it and then connect it to your phone through an app. While all this is impressive, gives you a greater sense of security, lets you save energy, and gives your home a simple futuristic make over, it does raise some questions regarding your personal privacy.  

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