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360Chestnut's blog aims to help our readers find the most cost effective home improvement solutions and trends that will help you save money and live better. 360Chestnut hopes to inspire you in taking the next step in making your home more energy efficient, more sustainable and healthier without having to break the bank. Save Energy. Save Money. Live Better with 360Chestnut.

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Let's Talk Shop: Is it Time for a New Roof?

moldy attic

You’ve probably heard that the average roof lasts about 20-25 years, but how do know for sure when you need a new roof? Are there telltale signs that a roof has reached the end of its life? Yes! Here are a few simple ways to help you determine if you need a new roof (or just repairs):

Go Green, Get Clean


Think of all the times you have touched countertops that were scrubbed with chemicals, or the amount of time your children spend on floors mopped with the same potentially toxic ingredients. Your hands go to your eyes and mouth. Your children do the same. There is a lot of potential to get chemicals like ammonia, petroleum and phosphorus into your body.


Taking a Look at the Electric Vehicle Tariff

BGE EV Tariff TOU Periods resized 600

Energy Tariff Experts (ETE) was founded by a guy who loves cars and utility tariffs. In kindergarten, ETE's founder gave a presentation on Chrysler's 1985 model year line up for show and tell and his interest in cars hasn't abated since. As a result, analyzing Electric Vehicle (EV) tariffs is about the most fun we can have over here at ETE. In this post, we are going to take a close look at Baltimore Gas & Electric's (BGE) Residential EV pilot tariff and discuss how it is different from the standard residential rate.

#LetsTalkShop with Coastal Windows: Home Maintenance Checklist

HomeMaintenanceChecklist resized 600

Living in New England our homes inevitably take a beating each season. Whether it be from wind, hail, rain, snow, or yes, even the sun, Mother Nature takes her toll. Fortunately, the summer offers somewhat of a reprieve for homeowners to perform home maintenance checks and repair any damage from the past year.

Massachusetts Begins to Offer Car Buyers Rebates on Electric Vehicles

1280px 2013 Red Nissan Leaf SL

Massachusetts residents will soon be seeing more electric cars on the road throughout the commonwealth. Despite having one of the fastest growth clean energy economy in the nation, the Bay State has traditionally lagged behinds other states in electric vehicles incentives and sales. This will be soon changing, as Massachusetts shifts into high gear by announcing new incentive programs and fundings for clean transportation.

Want to Be More Energy Efficient? Make These Changes in One Week

save energy in a week

Who's willing to admit (in public) that they DON'T want to be more energy efficient? Whether you're in it to save the planet or to put a little less strain on your wallet, it pays to green up your act. You don't have to go to extremes like installing solar panels, a wind turbine and switching to navy showers. Little changes can go a long way. In fact, you can make all of these changes in just one week.

Home Siding 101: Four Signs It's Time to Replace Your Home Siding

need new siding

When choosing your home’s siding, are you primarily choosing it based on its aesthetic appeal? Do you consider its ability to protect your home and the ramifications of what happens when it begins to fail?

Home Automation Options Continue to Expand

home automation

For those of you in the know, home automation is one of the biggest phrases this year in terms of home improvement, security, and general living, and it’s a subject that has been covered on 360Chestnut extensively in the past. One of the most desirable features of home automation is its eco-friendly capabilities, which can not only reduce your negative impact on the environment, but also save you money on your utility bills. So, what are the best systems to look at when it comes to reducing your carbon footprint?

US DOE Updates Popular Home Energy Guide

Energy Saver
 Download Energy Saver Guide

U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) released an updated version of the popular home energy guide, "Energy Saver: Tips on Saving Money and Energy at Home," earlier this week with tips and practical solutions to lower your energy uses while saving you money and improving your home's comfort. The new guide includes more recent statistics and recommendations which will help you making smart home improvement decisions that are both good for the wallet and for the environment. Whether it is simple DIY tips or easy low-cost ways to save energy today or projects that requires more efforts and larger investments, homeowners can find steps to cut energy wastes and improve efficiency resulting in savings that will pay back for the cost of improvements over time and save you money from lower utility bills in the future.

Evolution of Renewable Energy: Infographic

Evolution Of Renewable Energy RedLogo Compressed resized 600

In 2014, major debates and discussions surrounding climate change and green living in the United States has placed an unprecedented focus on renewable energy. The future growth in the renewable energy sector is slated to be significant as American’s make an effort to minimize their energy footprint on Earth.

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